Whether you're lucky enough to be on holiday or heading on holiday footwear is often the most challenging item to pack. Shoes can take up a lot of space, they need to work with multiple outfits and most importantly need to be comfortable for those long walks, days exploring the town or heading out for a long lunch with friends. Here's a couple of ideas to get you started, suggesting three styles for each holiday type.


Although this is the best time to kick off the shoes, I often find walking to and from the beach very hot and uncomfortable on the soles of my feet and I'm not much of a fan of thongs. A Birkenstock is a good alternative to a pair of thongs and very much on trend. To step up from the Birkie, there are some really great chunky slides this season that not only have that look, but are a bit more refined and will double to team with outfits suitable for lunches, dinners or socialising after some sun and salt water. Aim to choose a slide, in a style you can easily slip in and out of without having to undo buckles or straps.

Avoid fabrics such as suede for your beach escape. They won't wear well if you get them wet and the finish can be compromised if they come in contact with sand or gritty materials. If you really want to take suede, make sure you give it a good spray with a fabric protector before you go and don't go jumping in the rock pools with your suede shoes on!

Taking a sneaker is a good idea. Choose a sneaker that can double for light running and gym activities as well as a lightweight option that can be teamed as easily with your shorts as with a flowy maxi dress or linen calottes. Best to travel in your sneakers, as they tend to take up the most room in the suitcase.

Last but not least an espadrille is a great summer holiday shoe. I would save this as your dressier piece. If fitted well and a good quality brand, espadrilles should be comfortable as well as easy to wear. They vary greatly from flats to wedges, open toe to closed. Choose one that suits depending on the climate and your style


I look forward to my city trips, although they have been few and far between of late. The thoughts of dinners out have my mouth salivating and the idea of walking through boutiques and galleries searching for inspiration and creativity. 

Not only do you want to be comfortable whilst pounding the pavement on those city trips you also want to look and feel stylish.

On a city trip, I will rarely travel without a sneaker. I tend to take a more elevated or even platform sneaker so I can dress up an outfit or make a something dressy a bit more casual. Think linen pants with a white tee and white platforms, or a summer floral dress with sneakers. It's important to ensure the sneaker you choose to take on your getaway is comfortable, maybe even worn a few times before you leave. Fresh white is always a safe pick that will work across your suitcase selection.

A good flat sandal. There's nothing like having your toes free and breezy when it's hot. A flat sandal in a neutral colour (or one that goes with your suitacase colour selections) will be an easy go-to for day time outings.

A dressy open toed heel. This can be perfect for the dinner and drinks out, or going to a show. It also will double with jeans and a blazer or silk top for a stylish look that is slightly more relaxed. Stick with black or tan for versatile styling.


Country escapes don't necessarily mean cow pats and muddy puddles to me. It's drives in the open country, undulating hills, windy roads and thick lush greenery. Cranking up the music with some driving classics and as you drive into the country towns, winding down the window and feeling the warm breeze filter in. I recently visited Berry NSW, and did it as a day trip, although I would have like to have explored more and stayed longer. We were fortunate enough to find the most fabulous little restaurant with fresh and season produce. We wandered the streets for a few hours afterwards, enjoying the buzz and the country boutiques.

For the weekend country getaway, again, and sorry to harp on about it, it's the humble sneaker. It's so versatile, but in this instance I would choose a leather and a slighter darker shade. This way for the walks to a look out or in our situation to Fitzroy Falls, a sneaker in the back of the car came in handy as the ground around the falls were a bit slippery and wet.

I chose a sandal to wear for our lunch with our little country escape. I wore a long cotton skirt and linen top with a slightly platformed sandal. It was perfect for the occasion as well as the hours meandering the streets after lunch.

Lastly, I'd recommend a loafer for a country escape. A comfortable, easy to slip on and head out to dinner at the local pub or outdoor BBQ. It doesn't have to be fancy, just a simple loafer in a classic colour. Team with jeans and a t-shirt.

If in doubt, pop into store or look online for more inspiration...

...and enjoy your getaway!

January 23, 2022 — Kate Dawson

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