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Established in 1978, Lodi is 100% made in Spain. At the heart of the company, their main value is creating top-quality footwear. Through addressing market trends with the needs of actual women, they are always one step ahead in women's footwear. The new gel soles create added comfort within all of the shoes.

It is exciting for Sissa Sorella to present this curated collection especially chosen for our Australian customer, to our stores online and in Deakin, Canberra.


We are delighted to showcase Lodi, a brand renowned for its 100% Made in Spain heritage. Since its establishment in 1978, Lodi has been at the forefront of producing top-quality footwear, combining meticulous craftsmanship with innovative designs. Central to the brand's ethos is a commitment to meeting the real-world needs of women by staying ahead of fashion trends and prioritising comfort.

Lodi's introduction of new gel soles is a testament to their dedication to comfort, ensuring that each pair of shoes not only looks exquisite but feels exceptionally comfortable. This focus on innovation and quality makes Lodi a perfect fit for the Sissa Sorella customer who does not compromise on style or comfort.

Available both online and at our boutique in Deakin, Canberra, this selection has been chosen to suit the tastes and needs of our Sissa shoe lovers.