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Juncal Aguirre


About Juncal Aguirre: Handcrafted Espadrilles from Spain

We're delighted to introduce you to Juncal Aguirre, a brand that epitomises the art of crafting exquisite espadrilles by hand. With over 30 years of expertise rooted in her espadrille factory, Juncal Aguirre's passion shines through in every stitch, using only the finest quality materials.

Embracing a rich heritage, Juncal Aguirre's espadrilles are a testament to timeless style, transcending trends while staying true to the age-old craftsmanship. Handcrafted by a second generation now, this traditional trade continues to conquer hearts and conquer styles, bringing you the best of today's fashion with enduring craftsmanship.

All Juncal Aguirre footwear is proudly made in Spain. At the factory in Irun, Basque Country, Juncal Aguirre use natural and sustainable prime materials like jute, giving life to their espadrilles with strength, breathability, and flexibility, ensuring your comfort on every journey. Plus, they are 100% biodegradable, organic, recyclable, and above all, incredibly comfortable.

Espadrilles are a timeless icon of popular culture, and Juncal Aguirre continues to prove their everlasting appeal. With continuous reinvention of designs year after year, our collection stands as a testament to the espadrille's enduring charm on the international fashion market.

Step into the elegance of Juncal Aguirre's handcrafted espadrilles, where Spanish artistry meets contemporary allure. Experience the comfort, style, and sustainable essence that make each step a delightful journey.