KuDeTa Lookbook 2023 by Katie Dawson



Sissa Sorella is proud to introduce you to our 2023 exclusive collection of styles from shoemaker Kudetà in Italy. Kudetà was founded in 1979 in the footwear district of Campania, Italy. The company is entirely family owned and operated and stands out from the thousands of Italian brands because of their unique designs, luscious leathers, patterns, textures and attention to detail in design and production.

Kudeta uses the labour intensive Sacchetto construction for their collections. Sacchetto translates to ‘little bag’ – so the shoe feels like a slipper to wear but looks like a beautiful shoe. Sacchetto construction involves stitching the upper to a supple piece of lining to form a ‘sock-like’ sack, foam is inserted for comfort and the sole is then added. This makes the shoe super soft and flexible under foot. The stitching is positioned at the very edge of the shoe – avoiding any discomfort from irritating seams and no 'wearing in' or stretching is required.

Light and flexible, Sacchetto shoes allow for a natural foot movement, making them ideal for walking or wearing for long hours. Breathability is also a benefit of having no synthetic insole fabrics or glues in contact with the foot.

This type of workmanship is extremely laborious, completely handmade by master shoemakers who with great skill combine style, sense of proportion, knowledge of materials and ensure absolute quality to the footwear, giving it great flexibility, elegance and sophistication.

Shoes with an innovative, versatile design and the ‘Urban Bohemian’ style define the Kudetà mood. We hope that you enjoy this collection, and find a shoe that you love more and more with every step.


September 02, 2023 — Kate Dawson

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