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European footwear brand The ART Company was founded in 1995, but their experience in the world of quality footwear manufacturing dates back more than thirty years. Both The ART Company and the ART brand were established in 1995, with a deliberately youthful, cheerful, and even carefree mission. Sissa Sorella is proud to stock this quality brand in our Deakin store and online.


At Sissa Sorella, we are excited to introduce The ART Company, a brand synonymous with vibrant and youthful footwear. Founded in 1995, The ART Company brings over thirty years of expertise in high-quality shoe manufacturing. Born from a desire to infuse the footwear market with energy and a carefree spirit, The ART Company and its ART brand epitomise a youthful and joyful approach to shoe design.

The brand was established with a commitment to creating footwear that doesn't just look good, but feels great. Every collection is a celebration of joyful, unapologetic style combined with exceptional craftsmanship. The ART shoes are designed for those who appreciate artistry in their footwear and enjoy expressing their personalities through their style choices.

At Sissa Sorella, we offer a carefully curated selection of The ART Company shoes, where playful design meets impeccable quality.