"Organisation is key," shares Tash, a cherished part of our Sissa Sorella team. As a working mum of two grown children and devoted Nan, she is an expert at finding that sweet spot between family, work, and self-care. From her Mother's Day celebrations to her day-to-day routines, Tash is all about staying grounded, organised, and making every moment count.

How do you celebrate Mother's Day in your family?

Up until this year my son and family lived in Sydney, so our celebration could consist of both my children and their families together or just one of my children, and when I am able to I fly to North Queensland to celebrate the day with my own mother.

What advice would you give to other working mothers striving to find balance? Organisation is the key, preparation, lists and forward thinking really help.

What role has your own mother played in your journey as a mother?
My mother has taught me to be very patient and to be organised.

Can you share any tips or strategies for staying organised and managing time effectively?

Writing lists. Food preparation. Organising your week. Online shopping and if you can outsource it, do it!

May 06, 2024 — Rachel HOLLIER

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