To kick off the Autumn/Winter season, Sissa Sorella teamed up with coveted Kingston retailer HoneySuckle & Lace for an evening of feminine finery and frivolity. The launch of the Autumn/Winter collections from both Canberra iconic retailers was a rich feast of colours and textures from a wide range of Australian and International brands, highlighting the curatorial skills of both Kate (Sissa Sorella) and Maria (Honeysuckle & Lace). In between sets, guests enjoyed themed cocktails, canapés and entertainment by the gifted DJ/Musician Mr Michael.

Stunning Make up by Ali Price, also located in Deakin. With two decades of beauty industry experience, Ali is a respected and award winning makeup artist who has worked with clients all around Australia and more recently London. Her trademark beautiful skin + perfect eyebrows have generated rave reviews from her clients and accolades from her peers along the way. Ali's aim is to bring fresh, new ideas to her clients and that's exactly what she's achieving.

Our divine MC Fiona Keely (centre) from Style Liberation with Katie Dawson (Sissa Sorella, left) and Maria Wolters (Honeysuckle & Lace).

Behind the scenes, the wardrobe awaits... and

Mr Michael - what can we say - THANK YOU you’re amazing!

May 04, 2020 — Kate Dawson

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